Three years of computer science in a day

If you’ve ever thought of completing a degree in Computer Science, then chances are you’re already interested enough in the topic. But is completing a degree in Computer Science really worth the money?

In this post I will share my personal experience and give you some hints for learning three years of computer science in a single day.

So was it worth it? For the experience: Yes

For the actual learning content: No

Before you even consider completing any degree you should absolutely consider what you expect from it. Degrees are very expensive and although the debt goes un-noticed to many, there’s a chance that it may have an impact on you forever

Does a student loan effect your ability to get a mortgage? In my experience so far, no. I was able to apply for an agreement in principle with a major UK bank and even got funding from a major self-build mortgage credit broker for a self-build project.

One thing to remeber is that student loan deductions come out after any tax, national insurance, and pension contributions. This is something that many undergraduates have absolutely no idea about and it really comes back to bite them in the arse when they realise that their pay check is a couple of hundred pounds less than it should be each month.

Posted on 10 May 2018 by Joel Murphy. Last updated: September 09, 2019.

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