10 Reasons Why Cardiff Is the Best City In The World

The city boasts a range of opportunities to those living in it.

Being an avid traveller myself, I encourage anyone to consider visiting Cardiff. You won’t be let down by what the City has to offer, I promise you.

Cardiff’s diversity is becoming more wide spread and there are now people here from all over the world. Scared you won’t fit in here? I bet you will.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I think Cardiff is the greatest City in the world:

10. It’s small enough to walk pretty much anywhere you need to go.

Cardiff walking
Fancy a walk?

9. It’s not quite London, but it’s not far from it.

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Do the London tube trains even stop?

Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting London but one problem I have with it is how unhappy and rude people can be. Everyone is in so much of a damn rush and they’ll give you the filthiest look ever just for stepping in their way by mistake. Thankfully, Cardiff isn’t quite as busy as London but has a similar vibe. There’s a lot going on during the entire year, and people are generally friendlier and happier here, compared to other major cities.

8. The bars and pubs make it one of the best places to drink in the world

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Did someone say beer?! 👀

Everyone loves cheap booze but finding the cheapest

7. It has one of the biggest University cultures in the country.

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Students. Students everywhere...

Cardiff contains multiple University campuses and this makes it a popular choice amongst students to decide to come and study here.

6. It has some of the loveliest parks

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
It does rain a lot in these parks however

5. You can cycle pretty much anywhere.

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Imagine burning calories without even trying

Cardiff is relatively flat, meaning cycling around is somewhat easier than other UK cities. The local council is also doing a lot of work to try promote cycling in the City and reduce the amount of cars on the road. Startup companies such as Nextbike have also launched several hundered bikes around the city so residents and visitors can pickup a bike for a short period of time without having to worry about locking up their own personal bike.

4. It has pretty much every restaurant you’d want to visit

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Get in mah belleh.

What do you fancy to eat? Maybe a Pizza? Plenty of Italian restaurants. It has chains and

3. There’s a great startup vibe

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
So there's plenty of opportunity to make Millions

If working at a startup company, or launching your own startup company is right for you, then relocating here is a great idea. There’s a range of places. Welsh ICE is an award winning

2. There are plenty of sports events here.

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Don't do this. Nobody likes foul play!

The Millenium stadium was built in 1999 and is one of the only stadiums in the world with a retractable roof and a capacity of over 70,000. It’s an impressive stadium and has hosted popular events such as Monster Jam: UK, and Ed Sheeran tours.

Joel and Regan night out in Cardiff
Fasten your seat belts, folks.

Cardiff Bus operates a number of routes across all parts of the City and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, some areas are preferred than others I’ll be completely honest in saying it’s somewhat sad to see the wasted potential that Cardiff airport could offer, but even still there are now more connections offered than ever before with Qatar Airways now offering daily flight connections to Doha. There are also trains available which operate between Want to travel elsewhere? We also have a temporary. As of 2019 there are no plans to continue developing this new bus station, so for now we’ll just have to deal with walking to Sophia Gardens bus station to catch coaches operated by National Express and MegaBus.

Posted on 01 Jan 2019 by Joel Murphy. Last updated: September 09, 2019.

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