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About Dickies

Dickies Work Wear is an American clothing brand company which specialises in work wear clothing solutions, primarily PPE clothing and accessories that undergo rigorous quality control tests. Dickies have stores worldwide and have become particularly popular amongst outdoor industries, such as gardeners, maintenance works, and construction workers. In recent years Dickies have been dominating an e-commerce presence and are turning over record profits every single year.

Screenshot of my work for Dickies Workwear.

My Role at Dickies

I worked my way up to a senior level full stack website developer at Dickies, a global leader in workwear clothing. I was in charge of maintaining 13 Dickies e-commerce websites and managing the development of a custom written service driven PHP 7 framework built on Slim’s micro framework and various other open source http libraries. Part of my work involved cleansing, migrating, and normalising 14 years of e-commerce data, and mocking up designs from a designer in code. I also interviewed new developers on behalf of the company’s I.T & Marketing department to help managers make a decision with hiring new technical workers for the business.

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