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Introduction to Driving Lessons App

Driving Lessons is a Windows phone app series for learning to drive. I built these apps for my own use. There were 11 apps in total within the series.

App description

(what was originally submitted to Microsoft’s Windows App Store) Here’s the (terribly written) description I had on the app’s Windows Phone marketplace page:

Driving Lessons App Series – Are you currently studying for your driving test? With these simple to use apps, you can learn about driving, and how to drive. Each app will contain a video about a certain topic, and tips to remember. I created these apps for my own personal use, but I thought it would help some of you so I’m releasing all 11 apps for FREE. I know how expensive driving can be, so it’s always good to get apps that help you for nothing. Please download my other driving tutorial apps as soon as they become available. Due to restrictions with the windows phone platform, it’s not possible to cram all tutorial videos into one app! Good luck with your driving tests :)


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