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Recover data loss of web projects

13 Jun 2014
html css javascript data loss recovery
Archived Post: This post has been marked as 'archived' and only exists for historical purposes. As a result of this, some information in this post may be outdated or no longer supported. × For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working on a new website that contains quite a few custom HTML elements. After finishing a huge chunk of the work, I decided to push the project to GitHub, as I usually do for all big projects. As I went to push the project up to GitHub, I noticed that there were some changes to the repository that had to be pulled first. As tired as I was, I went ahead and pulled these changes without actually realising that I was syncing my work with the incorrect repository! Then I headed off to bed for some well needed sleep. The next day I came on and freaked out to see that ALL of my work had gone – everything. I was like “wtf man, has someone been on my laptop whilst I was sleeping and deleted everything?”. Then I began to investigate.
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