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Top 5 security flaws within websites and how to prevent them

15 Mar 2014
encryption exploit hacking sql injection xss web security vulnerability
Archived Post: This post has been marked as 'archived' and only exists for historical purposes. As a result of this, some information in this post may be outdated or no longer supported. × So we’re now into 2014 and websites are starting to become way more advanced by implementing new technologies such as AJAX, fancy web forms and even web sockets. However, little do webmaster’s realise that they’re opening a space for huge security flaws within their websites / web applications / web services for malicious hackers to take advantage of. It could be that a hacker wants to take down your service just for the fun of it, or maybe you’ve become a serious business competitor of theirs and so they want to take down your service as soon as possible so they start making more sales. Or maybe a hacker just thinks they have balls because they can actually do this kinda thing behind a keyboard – when in fact they’d probably soil themselves right in front of you if you tracked them down and confronted them asking why they hacked your website :p
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