Cloud Native London 2019 Review

On the bus back home to Cardiff after a few busy days at Cloud Native London!

If you haven’t spotted my previous blog post already: (Cloud Native London Preparations), then be sure to read it now as this post is a follow-up post to that post.

Last week I took a visit to London to attend a tech conference called Cloud Native London 2019 to learn more about the state of Cloud Native Development; Including the tools that are being developed by the community and how different organisations are implementing such tools into their work flows.

As you can see from the below image, I’ve got an absurd amount of notes which I noted down during my time watching tracks and keynotes from speakers.

In this post I’ve summarised these notes as part of a joint effort to digitise them and to share knowledge with others.

All of the keynotes were recorded and are watchable on the SkillsMatter website for as long as the site exists. I would embed each recording here but it appears these videos are hidden behind a login so I won’t share them just in case this is against the SkillsMatter terms of use.

I’ve included the Twitter handles of each speaker, because y’know, all good speakers use Twitter - Maybe I need to get back into using Twitter? If not, I’ve included the personal website of the speaker.

Start of Cloud Native London 2019: As I was in work on Tuesday, I arrived in London at 7pm on Tuesday evening, caught up on some emails and then went to bed. My accommodation was only a 15 minute Tube journey from CodeNode London,

Day 1 of Cloud Native London:

Keynote: It’s a Trap! Vendor Lock-in and the Cloud Sam Newman

Serverless Journey with Lessons Learned Ebru Cucen

It’s Not Too Late To Learn About Kubernetes César Tron-Lozai

Finding a Needle in a Call Stack - Intro to Distributed Tracing Josh Michielsen

Advanced Techniques for Building Container Images Adrian Mouat

Before and After Kubernetes - Was It Worth It and Why? A joint case study Alexis Richardson

(Change from original plan - Top Secret Cloud-Native Security Lessons) Building a Cloud Platform at Nationwide Building Society Aubrey Stearn

Lightning Talk: How to Explain Docker to Your Grandma Francesco Renzi

Keynote: Preparing for the Quantum Revolution John Azariah

Day 2 of Cloud Native London

Keynote: Learning To Be Successful at “Being Wrong”™ In The Cloud Russ Miles

(Change from original keynote - Introduction to service mesh with Istio and Kiali) Alissa Bonas

Using Kubeflow Pipelines for building machine learning pipelines Yufeng Guo

Istio service mesh vs AWS App Mesh: how about both? Christian Posta

Keynote: Is DevOps Still Relevant In A Cloud Native World? (Enterprise Edition) Jez Humble

(Change of plan) Cloud-Native Microservices with RSocket Arsalan Farooq

Lightning Talk: Serverless: Patterns, Limitations and Pitfalls James Peet

Lightning Talk: Discovery, Consul and Inversion of Control for the infrastructure Pierre Souchay

Keynote: Cultivating Production Excellence Liz Fong-Jones

Day 3 of Cloud Native London:

How We Broke the World Record for Computing Digits of Pi (31.4 trillion!) Emma Haruka Iwao

Busier than Barclaycard on Black Friday Stew Norriss

How to Break Builds and Influence People - Ordnance Survey’s Ongoing Cloud Native Journey Phil Peters and Andy Bridle

Serverless 2.0: Get Started With The PLONK Stack Alex Ellis

Keynote: Introducing Ecstasy: A Cloud Native, General Purpose Programming Language Gene Gleyzer and Cameron Purdy

Cloud Native Patterns Jamie Dobson

Keynote: Quality for ‘Cloud Natives’: What Changes When Your Systems Are Complex And Distributed? Sarah Wells

Posted on 29 Sep 2019 by Joel Murphy. Last updated: October 24, 2019.

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