How to find the cheapest price for Amazon Products

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon before then you may have noticed that prices fluctuate often.

In fact, there’s nothing worse than going to buy an item and discovering it’s gone up by about 15% overnight.

Fortunately, you’re not alone as many other people in the world have shared this frustration with you.


Amazon allows the purchasing of items from third party sellers on their marketplace. Often, this encourages dropshippers and dealers from other countries to list their products and offer

Think wisely: Do you really need 8 pencil sharpeners? You may not be saving money at all if these vouchers have done their upselling trick by tricking you into spending more money than you intended too. Plus, you may be effecting the environment by ordering more goods than you actually needed in the first place. These goods could get stored away when received and forgotten about. Meaning in years to come you just end up throwing the additional items away and they make their way to landfill without even being used.

Another method is by using Amazon discount cards. Often, you can buy gift cards for cheaper than their retail price

Amazon themselves have also been known to do ‘special deals’ on Amazon prime (which happens every year in mid July) whereby you can get £70 of Amazon gift vouchers for £50. This is £20 worth of free vouchers, an offer you have to take advantage of if you are an Amazon prime customer.

As I’ve previously written about, one of my personal favourite methods of saving money is by using cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashBack. These two methods allow you to make a small percentage of a sale back in the form of real money or credit. Currently, Quidco are offering a 4% bonus

For example, save £100 in Quidco by earning cashback, then withdraw your credit against an amazon gift voucher, and you essentially get £4 of additional free credit, meaning you have a total of £104 to spend against any purchase you wish on Amazon! Free money on top of free money is quite a neat trick to be fair.

Make the most of add-on item opportunities Amazon often list add-on items for cheaper than their RRP just to get people to try bulk up their order to over £20 to get free delivery. This is extremely clever marketing by Amazon, but the benefit to us consumers is that we can get products cheaper than they’re meant to be in the first place. E.g.

By the way, if you’ve ever been searching for ways of bulking up your order total to over £20, there’s also a website for this which lists some of the cheaper products. BasketFiller

That concludes today’s money saving post. Do you know of any other methods to save money on Amazon? If so, please let me know in the comments!

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