How to get student discount and maximise your savings as a student

Being a student can be expensive but thankfully if you’re clever about using your discount then you can make this a good opportunity to save money.

In the UK, there are several major ways of getting student discounts,

Normal NUS card. If you’re University student and your Uni is part of the Nation Union of Students (NUS) then you will be a verified student and can use this discount at various locations.

The NUS extra, or Totum Card. This card costs £30 a year and you must be a student at a valid UK university to claim it. Some people jump straight into buying this discount card but the honest trust is that it’s not really worth it unless you shop at Co-Op.

StudentBeans. This website has been around for quite a few years and contains some decent savings

UNiDAYS. This is probably the market leader for student discounts. They have an app and a website which allows you to authenticate with your university’s student portal. This is an extremely safe and quick way of verifying your student status to see the discounts you’re eligible for.

Now that you know how to get student discount, I’m going to list some of the best discounts and how to get them.

Do you know of any other student discounts that I haven’t mentioned in this post? If so, please let me know! Happy saving 🙃

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